​New and Re-joining Members

Those rejoining after a break in their membership which exceeds a period of 12 months must complete a single or online membership form but will not be eligible for the pro-rata reduction in fees.

​All new and rejoining members of NIFAA must have two sponsors who are present NIFAA members and must serve a probationary period of 12 calendar months from the date of enrolment.

​During the probationary period, members may not stand for election to the NIFAA committee and will be monitored as to their behaviour (they may, however, be seconded to the committee for a specific task or role if required on a temporary basis. Any such role must be vacant at the time of secondment).

Please note – On submitting this application form you are entering into a binding agreement for the duration of your annual membership to abide by the Rules, Constitution and all other Policies of the NIFAA including the IFAA rules that govern or control field archery as an overreaching authority to the country associations. Failure to abide by these rules will result in you not being covered by the NIFAA Limited Liability Insurance.

  1. Only equipment that is legally permitted to be used under NIFAA/IFAA rules or the law of the country you are shooting in is permitted to be carried on or at a NIFAA site, course or tournament, including practice sessions, either formally or informally attended.
  2. Adherence to the IFAA Code of Conduct is mandatory at any or all NIFAA organised, managed or owned tournaments or organised shoots on any course.
  3. All archery equipment will conform to any or all IFAA limitations by way of speed, configuration, manufacture or material. The NIFAA reserves the right to check this at any time an archer is present at a NIFAA event.
  4. No member is permitted to bring a non-member onto any NIFAA course to shoot unless that person has completed a temporary membership form in advance, and it has been approved by the requisite committee members.

Please note - The above rules relating to NIFAA membership, the NIFAA insurance clearly requires all archers to abide by the rules at any course that has been chartered by the NIFAA, for archery, under the NIFAA banner or risk being uninsured. It is the responsibility of the Club to manage this adherence at their venue when shooting under the NIFAA insurance and to maintain suitable records of all those attending. 

On submitting this application form you hereby agree to abide by the Rules, Constitution and Policies of NIFAA and of the IFAA and wish to apply for membership of the Northern Ireland Field Archery Association. 

Enquiries: membership@nifaa.co.uk

Please complete your application form then click the "Submit"button.

You will then be directed to the payment page.

Please note: Applications will not be processed until both payment and application form have been received.


Membership Applications

(New & Re-joining Members)