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Classification Cards & NIFAA Pin Badges

​A classification card and complimentary NIFAA pin badge will be given to all new members. 
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     Joining NIFAA

  • NIFAA offer two types of membership, either “Independent” or via a NIFAA affiliated club.
  • Renewing your membership via a NIFAA affiliated club:  Club secretaries now have the convenience of the block membership form for renewals, these are for club secretary use only.  Please notify your club secretary if any of your details have changed from the previous year, and if so, please complete a single membership form to ensure NIFAA has your current details on record.
  • Independent members will renew by completing the single membership form in the normal way.
  • New members will complete the single membership form and the handy pro-rata guide below will help you to determine which fee applies and when throughout the year.
  • Those re-joining after a break in their membership which exceeds a period of 12 months will complete the single membership form but will not be eligible for a pro-rata reduction in fees.
  • All new and re-joining members of NIFAA must have two sponsors who are present NIFAA members and must serve a probationary period of 12 calendar months from the date of enrolment.
  • During the probationary period, members may not stand for election to the NIFAA committee and will be monitored as to their behaviour (they may, however, be seconded to the committee for a specific task or role if required on a temporary basis. Any such role must be vacant at the time of secondment).
  • Membership renewals: Existing members do not need to add sponsor details but should complete all other parts of the form to allow NIFAA to ensure their details are up to date.
  • Acceptance of all applications is at the sole discretion of the NIFAA committee.
  • Membership fees for “NEW” members are pro-rata, reducing by 25% of the annual rate per quarter.
  • All renewing and re-joining applicants shall pay the full membership fee for the year regardless of when they renew/re-join.
  • Full-year 1st October – 30th September.
  • Family Subscription:  Any direct family members living at the same address, up to a maximum of four persons, two of which may be adults, their total subscription shall not exceed £80.00 per year. Additional adults shall pay the full adult fee and any additional young adults, juniors or cubs shall pay £10.00 each.
  • Anyone joining in September will pay the annual rate and be covered until 30th September the following year.
  • All renewals are requested to be paid before 1st October in any said year.
  • Enquiries to:


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