Please find below some templates that may be helpful at your club / venue:

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Return to Sport Declaration Form

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Form

COVID-19 Track and Trace Form 

Please note: these are sample templates only and will need to be adjusted to suit your club / venue.

IFAA COVID-19 Advice for IFAA Events:

Pandemic Management for IFAA Events

NIFAA – COVID-19 - Guidelines for Returning to Archery

  • These Guidelines should be followed whenever the NI Executive permits sport to resume and for as long as the COVID restrictions remain in place.
  • Our COVID guidelines are in addition to all other safety rules and regulations.
  • All HSCNI / NI Executive regulations continue to apply and supersede all other COVID guidelines suggested by NIFAA / IFAA.
  • Anyone found to be acting contrary to the rules or being neglectful of the HSCNI / NI Executive advice and regulations, the NIFAA / IFAA safety rules and/or COVID guidelines will be asked to leave the venue immediately. Any fees paid will not be refunded.

Travelling to Venues or Events

  • Do not travel to a venue or event if you feel unwell, or if you have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of COVID in the last 14 days.
  • Only members of the same household should be travelling in the same car.
  • Maintain 2m social distancing and wear a face mask if travelling by public transport.
  • Adhere to the maximum distance you may travel as set out by the NI Executive.

Club Practice Sessions

  • Only the recommended number of persons may attend at any one time. An online booking system is recommended and staggering of arrival and departure times if interest exceeds the recommended number of attendees. Clubs may be required to permit only members depending on how many are permitted in the regulations.
  • There can be no congregating in groups during practice sessions.
  • All attendees will be required to complete a "Return to Sport Declaration Form” for their club and report to the club Track and Trace Officer upon arrival and departure at all club sessions. This includes parents of junior/cub members who drop their children off or any other persons who may visit the club.
  • Clubs will be required to complete a COVID risk assessment for their venue and should work with the venue management and comply with their requirements. Indoor venues will have much stricter rules than outdoor venues.
  • Do not attend your club if you feel unwell, or if you have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
  • Only members of the same household should travel together in the same car. Maintain social distancing and wear a face mask if travelling by public transport.
  • Archers should bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser and face mask with them to use as and when required.
  • Hand sanitiser should be available at your club to use upon arrival and departure.
  • Strict sanitation of club equipment/facilities must be followed by all attendees.
  • During check-in and when you are setting up your own equipment 2m social distancing must be maintained and sanitation of your own equipment is your responsibility.
  • You must always maintain 2-metre social distancing.
  • Only handle your own equipment. If for any reason it is necessary to touch another archer’s equipment you should wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before and after doing so.
  • When setting up the bosses/targets at your club/venue please ensure they are separated by a suitable distance to ensure 2m social distancing can be maintained.
  • Only 1 archer may shoot at a boss/target at any one time unless they are in the same family/COVID bubble.
  • A left-hand archer and a right-hand archer may shoot back-to-back at the same boss but no more than two archers at the same time maintaining 2-metre social distancing.
  • All arrows should display the owner's name for identification purposes.
  • Archers must pull their own arrows, one person at a time ensuring 2-metre social distancing is maintained.
  • If you need to brace the boss/target to remove arrows, you should not use your hands, instead place your arm/elbow/knee against the boss/target for stability.
  • When collecting arrows, if you find an arrow that is not your own call the person it belongs to over to collect it, do not pull, or pick up anyone else’s arrows.
  • All club equipment and surfaces must be disinfected before and after use. Cleaning products should be provided by your club.
  • Archers should bring their own drinks and snacks with them to their club.
  • At the end of each session, all surfaces must be disinfected before leaving. All attendees should be responsible for sanitation at their club.

Competitions - Outdoors

(Due to COVID-19 outdoor competitions may be dependent on venue availability and indoor competitions may not be permitted for some time)

1. Shoot Organisers should prepare a registration sheet with time slots so start times can be staggered to allow social distancing to be maintained.

2. Archers should form their own shooting groups consisting of 3-4 people before entry.

3. If a full group can’t be formed by the archers when booking the shoot organisers will combine entries for them.

4. The group should assign a Target Captain who will enter all group members into the competition via the shoot organiser.

  • The Target Captain will provide details of each person shooting in their group (Name, Association, Membership no., Bow style, Club name or Independent) and book a start time.
  • Alternatively, an online entry form may be available.

5. On the day of the shoot: 

  • Archers should arrive no more than 15 minutes before their set time.
  • Go to base camp to pay entry fees and collect their scorecards.
  • Have their equipment set up and ready to go.
  • Bring everything they need with them (hand sanitiser, face mask, equipment, snacks, drinks, lunch).
  • Go to their start target at their set time.
  • Snack on the range or have a staggered lunch break if this has been arranged by the shoot organisers.
  • Return to base camp to drop off their scorecards and leave the venue as soon as possible.
  • Archers are only required to sign their own scorecard at this time.

6. Following the shoot, the organisers will submit the results for publication. They will not present awards or run any other activities such as a raffle / BBQ or provide any other food or beverages.

Please note: The NIFAA Insurance does not cover anyone who contracts COVID 19. This is the same for the IFAA and all other policies as it cannot be determined where the virus was contracted.

Further information can be found at:

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