​​​​     Here’s what’s new...

  • New scoring system - see chart below.
  • You can now claim the badges in any order using scores from 2020 onwards.
  • Replacement badges may be purchased at the cost of £5.00 for each badge.

  • To claim a badge, you must be a NIFAA member at the time of the event you are using for your claim.
  • Shoot from a full distance peg for your age group at any NIFAA field or hunter round or when representing NIFAA at IFAA international events such as UKIFAC, EFAC or WFAC.
  • Providing you have a score equal to or greater than the scores shown on the chart below you may claim any colour badge you have achieved.
  • There are six badges to collect - Green, Blue, Purple, Bronze, Silver & Gold.
  • Please claim for your badge below*
  • Paper claim forms may be available at the event organisers discretion.
  • Badges will be posted to your club secretary and should take no longer than ten working days to arrive. Independent members will receive their badges by post to their home address.
  • You may only claim once for each colour of badge to receive them free of charge, regardless of bow style or age group.
  • If you would like to collect all the badges but have already claimed one or two of the higher coloured badges you can now "back claim" the ones you missed out on. Just attend any NIFAA Field or Hunter Round and submit your scores in the normal way.
  • Only one badge may be claimed per shoot.
  • There is no charge for the first set of six badges claimed.
  • Event organisers should email all results promptly to: results@nifaa.co.uk 
  • Launch date: 29/04/2017.

Claiming a second set of badges

If a member changes their bow style and wants to start claiming from the first badge again for their new bow style, they may do so by attending any NIFAA Field or Hunter Round and submit a paper claim form with proof of their score via their club Secretary. There will be a fee of £5.00 for each badge and only one badge may be claimed per shoot.

Enquiries: badges@nifaa.co.uk

Tournament Results: results@nifaa.co.uk

Achievement Badges

*Claim for your badge here: