NIFAA  IFAA Coaching Instructors

Level 3

Wellesley McGown

David Uprichard
Kieran McShane
Seán Moore

George Heath

John O'Neill

Level 2

Agnew Seamus        
Cummings Peter
Stock Simon
Cairns John

                    Level 1

Alan Hughes                Paige Heath
Arthur Stewart              Peter Hamilton
Chloe McArthur            Philippe Moison            Raymond Heron           Joe Murphy                 Robert McArthur           Mark McDonald             
Mark Stockman            Simon McKelvey
Michael Ward               William Cairns

Community Instructors 

Barry Herbinson
Jolene Kohne
Linda McArthur
Sean Brolly



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NIFAA First Aiders

David Uprichard
Kieran McShane
Sean Moore
Seamus Agnew

Wellesley McGown

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Who: The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association (NIFAA) was born from the desire of many archers in Northern Ireland to shoot other disciplines besides FITA at every event. Established in May 2012 the NIFAA was granted Probationary Membership of the International Field Archery Association (IFAA), later to be ratified to full membership in November 2012.

What: Types of events.
NIFAA Indoor target events are shot at 20 yards at either a 5 spot target or a single 35cm face depending on your Bow style. Outdoor events vary from Field/Hunter Rounds (Roundel targets) to 2D (Animal faces) or 3D Targets depending on the event. Distances vary too, typically a shoot will have targets at anything between a few feet and 80 yards.
To ensure fair competition each style of archers is divided into ‘classes’ depending on their ability; A Class, B Class and C Class with A Class being the little bit better archers. By shooting events and recording their scores, archers can move up, or down in the Class system.

Why: Because it's fun!

Where & When:Click Here to go to our directory of clubs which are affiliated to NIFAA. In attending any of these you can be sure that you will receive instruction from coaches who have qualified through an internationally recognized body.

Northern Ireland Field Archery Association